Judeology Podcast

Spark your Judaism through Science, Technology, and the Arts.

Shalom, and welcome to the Judeology Podcast. The podcast that sparks your Judaism through science, technology, and the arts. We’ll explore what happens when a modern world blends with an ancient tradition and what that means for the Jewish people. I’m hoping this podcast is entertaining, informative, and sometimes surprises you. Most of all, have fun and spark your Judaism.

Episode 002: A Spark a Day

Exploring the implications of medical technology on Modern Judaism.

Rabbi Jason Weiner serves as the senior rabbi and director of the Cedars-Sinai Spiritual Care Department, where he is responsible for the chaplaincy team and all aspects of spiritual care at Cedars-Sinai. YOu can find his book  Jewish Guide to Practical Medical Decision-Making on Amazon here.

Episode 001: #Judeology

A discussion of social media and its profound effect on Jewish culture with Dr. Dan Aviv.

Dr. Dan Aviv has been engaged with Jewish learning for over 25 years.  He has three kids, two books, and one podcast – and serves as Lead Educator and Design at ADRABA, a Jewish blended-learning high school opening in Toronto, Ontario. You can find his books on Amazon here and his podcast here.