Yaakov learned how to operate an open source tool called home assistant to automatically switch lights for Shabbat and Yom Tovs without the need to tweak a timer throughout the year.

3D Printing

Yaakov has used 3D printing to support his various hardware projects (and for fun!) It’s taught him a great deal about additive manufacturing, design, and tool maintenance. 

TV Over WiFi

Yaakov also has used a Raspberry Pi to tune into free live OTA TV over his home WiFi network using an open-source program called TVheadend server. This allows one to position one TV antenna in the one best place in the house and watch TV anywhere in the house via Smart TV, computer, or phone app.

Academic Papers

Yaakov has written a number of academic papers on Sytems Engineering and Systems Architecting where he explains and explores the processes and decisions involved in making complex products.